Should I shave my head?

So I'm gonna be a freshman in high school this coming school year and I know this is a weird question but should I shave my head?
I want to shave my head and wear wigs all the time. I can't really explain why. I just feel the need to do so. It feels like something I truly want. I'll spend hours looking at wigs online.
The only reason I have yet to just do it is because I'm afraid of how others will react. My father is kind of an ass hole and makes fun of me for a lot of stuff (commenting on my weight for example) so I'm afraid he'll tease me about that which gets to me sometimes.
I'm also afraid of how my class mates will react. Kids are horrible and will tease anyone about anything. And I'm afraid I'll be come an even bigger target then I already am.
I don't have many friends and I just don't know what I should do.

I really want to do it but I'm afraid it'll ruin my social life even more.
So should I shave my head and wear wigs or continue haveing naturally grown hair?
Asked Jul 03, 2016
Well the great thing about hair is that it grows back. No matter what other people think of you, regardless of their relationship to you, you must always do what makes you happy. Letting people dictate what you should do with your life let alone your own hair, will only strip you of your own identity and self worth. Anyone who puts another person down because of how they look are the ones who should be put in their place, not you. I say shave away!!
If anyone looks at you funny or says something hurtful, that's their problem.
Answered Jul 03, 2016
If you're a girl than do it!! If you’re a guy than it’s like whatever we guys do it all the time. You’ll have something else to brag about to your kids and grandkids that you shaved your head once or any amount of time how many of those stuck up “popular girls” can say they shaved their heads not a lot GO FOR IT!! It’s your body dude do whatever you want pierce it, ink it, dye your hair if people look at you weird I just say that they’re jealous that they’re only peaking in high school and that your having way more fun than them coming from me a sophomore with strict parents who want me to dress nice and be “presentable” I wish I did all of that stuff I just named freshman year. Enjoy the four years you have and have fun cause I know I’m just wasting them and wishing I could do more
Answered Oct 09, 2020

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