Career Choice Confusion

I studied interior design but I no longer want to pursue a career in that field because I think I would be of better use in the graphic design field, specifically doing illustrations. I haven't worked in any design firm(worked other jobs) after graduating and it's almost been a year and a half.
Been trying to figure out what I really wanted to do so spend self learning illustrator, photoshop and free hand drawing, I have very little material to show to people since I just started out and I'm doubtful weather I'll get to do an internship in a graphic design firm and because of the fear of rejection I haven't even tried because even internships have such high crieterias.
Since I don''t know much about how even an illustration firm works, all I'm doing is finding projects that interests me and completing it.

Should I just go look for a job in an interior design firm for money and pursue a masters in illustration? (which again is doubtful because I have very little material to show) Or just continue doing what I'm doing.. do fake projects in the name of creating a portfolio and eventually look for an internship?
Also I don't seem to find any companies that do just illustrations from where I am. What do I do? I could reallly use some advice.
Asked Jun 30, 2016

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