Its a really long question so can someone reply to this please?

Alright, I have a tough question. I got the Implanon put in July 2012 and it last for about three years. I was supposed to get it removed July 2015 but ended up not getting out until January 2016 because I didn't have insurance and that's six months after it should of been taken out. Once I got it removed, I was put a birth control. It was the pill and it was the lowest dose I could of gotten. I took it for almost two months but quit taking it because it made me very moody and crazy. So I stopped taking it by the end of March. Anyways, I haven't had a single period since which don't get me wrong it's been nice but again it kind of worries me. I had sex on June 6th and the guy came inside of me. I never got a plan B pill or anything and I'm not on birth control. Could I be pregnant? It just worries me since I don't remember when I had a period last.
Asked Jun 30, 2016

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