Is this normal?

I got overcharged for my grocceries I ordered but I got notification how much it was.
I got a huge power bill. Dad gets my bills under his name because he doesnt think Im capable of handling it myself even though Im living on my own. I think my neighbors in my community are trying to murder me I heard them when I was next to them. Not the ones next to me.
I have had backpain for 5 years. It costs $10000 to see a chiropractor. My neighbor nextdoor keeps wispering. Its creepy. Neighbor told me I am dirty, bitch, and I tricked him but I was told rules for the flat after I moved in, he is certain that he is jinxed or someone is after him because he always has noisey neighbors and he thinks they are working against him. My dad has also become 0 noise tolerance at home, everything I do could potentially be too noisey I was kicked out because I had to go to the bathroom at night or to drink water but I always had.
I was moving in my bed and I was told suddenly I am making too much noise but I was never told this before. I was told I am wasting electricity, I asked can he take me out to buy warm clothing? I had money. He said no, too busy. Or Only if I have to and he gave me a look like I am using him and I should sympathize. I offered to pay for my heating. He said no. You need to learn to save money and Im busy. I gotta get to work I have admin to do. I offered to pay for my computer use and he said no it doesnt cost much. I was told that using the computer used too much electricity. When I started saving up more money they said I am a criminal if I dont start paying rent I did work for them they said I did good and they are happy all good. Then next thing they said go find a job. This happened more than once. I tried to start a business and I was told that its not going to work and Im wasting power doing it and I have to pay for it if I keep doing it and they have proof that it wont work. We were far from shops and I agreed apply for jobs I said will you take me to apply for jobs? And they said no. You have to find a way to make money. A few years before we were living somewhere else and I had applied for all jobs available, I was working for dad and I told someone in family I want to work in film. She told me thats never going to work. You can do it as a hobby but you know its not ok to do it as a job. Unless you really know what you are doing and train for like 20 years. it sounded like. It sounded like I was selfish and lazy by doing that. I told my dad I want to be an astronaut and a position came up they were looking for people to go to Mars and dad said that he doesnt want me to go and he doesnt think it suitable for me. He told them I cant go. He told me it was because he didnt want me to go. I was doing business studies my dad before I started (I found the course) told me he doesnt want me to do it and he doesnt think I should do it. He was angry. I had been volunteering before and then I quit. He told me I think you should go back there and work there again. I said I want to make money doing something and I want to do different job. I had been offered another position there before but I didnt take it but it would have been a good option. I said I want to make money. Dad said what does it matter? He asked me if I want to go back to moms. I was visiting moms and my stepdad and mom tried to force things to my body I didnt want to do and stepdad forced me to have things done to my body I didnt want and was creepy. And we were watching movies like American Pie and whenever there was a good movie they suggested and I said I want to watch that like Harry Potter they usually said no! I dont like that movie. I told them since we moved that I want to go back then when I was visiting home town again I couldnt stand being there there was so much noise it was like an alien world sometimes. dad told me I should get job as lawn mower I said how could I do that? He said get a lawn mower. I said how can I bring one home? Will you take me to the shop? He said no. I willl go to the shop and get it and you can bring me money. And he said I dont think you should be a lawn mower. You have to be careful of people. He was like they can hurt you. He said something like I guess you have to be personable to the customer. I asked if they can take me out places and they said no its a waste of money. I asked if I can go out with them when they were going and they said hold on a sec Im busy firgurnig out... maybe we will be going somewhere else Ive got to get decorations for the party we are going to go to maybe. Another time I asked can I come and get stuff at the shops? And I was told they may be changing their plans and they arent going. I wrote to a friend on the internet how I am being treated at home and I couldnt take it anymore and I told my dad I think and he told me that he is not hurting me and that I am deluding, that I need to look at myself, I should stop telling bad things about others and I am gaslighting and he is innocent, YOU LISTEN HERE stop telling people bad things about me. I said I didnt tell everyone he said YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS or something bla bla. I said I didnt tell everyone. He said thats called slander/libel. I said I only told them what happened. And I only tell my best friends or something. And he said he will gaslight me because blackmailing would sugggest he was doing an unethical act or something. After I moved out he eventually started taking me places and acted like nothing happened. He starts treating me like I am not allowed to talk to anyone we were at a couple of jobs and I started making casual conversation with someone and my dad gave me a look that suggested I am not allowed to talk to him and he tried to sweep me away. We are at next job the same thing happened. A few jobs we did all the people there were saying they hated me as soon as they layed eyes on me etc.
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Asked Jun 27, 2016
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no its not normal. if you can go some place you have never been to and where no one knows you and start over it would be a new beginning for you. its some ting some people do to have a better life. just make sure you know where you are going and check it out first before you decide to stay there so that you know if you might like the people or the place.i also am planing a new beginning for my self. I hope this helps
Answered Aug 10, 2016
Don't know.
Answered Aug 30, 2016
No. It's not normal. Like what pug said, start your life over. This is your life. You are in control and you should be happy doing what you want and not worry what other might do. You shouldn't have to stress every time you open your eyes about what someone will do to you. Don't feel safe? Move somewhere else. Find a place, any place and get a job. Don't tell your dad where you are
Answered Aug 30, 2017
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