How to answer reason for leaving quesion if circumstances are difficult to explain?

This questions on my job application and I don't know how to answer it appropriately due to circumstances.
I used to have this apprenticeship and I had been working there for a year when I went off sick. For like 6/7 months id been getting bad stomach cramps practically everyday and had no idea what it was. I didn't really like my job due to the fact in my opinion one of my bosses was a bully.
eg - I would go to the other room to collect some work from the printer or off someone else and would return to my desk and be moaned at cause I was away from my desk and not doing what I should (even though what I was getting was for what I was doing) or if I went downstairs to get a glass of water I may go toilet at the after, I would return upstairs and get moaned at and told I am not allowed to leave my desk until dinner. another time; I was off work for about a week with a flu/virus and when it came to going back to work the next Monday that morning at 3am I found out my family member had passed away so was very upset. I phoned up I explained that I had just lost my family member as they knew they had been ill, they went on to ask ' would you have been coming in if this hadn't have happened' which I think was wrong.
When I went to the doctors I was told that my stomach pain was due to anxiety. was given a sick note, (had previously asked number of times if I was staying or going but no answer given) was off sick from 14th july till end of august, my contract ended on the 9th September but I didn't return to work as I didn't feel comfortable and I hadn't told them it wa anxiety just abdominal pains.

and they also now say they think it is unwise to use them as a reference to due to the circumstances.
Asked Jun 26, 2016

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