Letter to god - why did you punished me because of humans who became genies later

Dear God,

I am writting to let you know I have finally came across to know that I have not sinned after writting you many letters.

I came to know in this world religions make humans as genies by saying god has blessed you and you will know true path, your eyes are opened.

But thise humans who doesnt becomes genies are just like robots who are controlled by genies who were once humans.

As I have come to know there is only winning and losing for genies, genies comes in dream of humans and fear or scate them like muslims and hindus feared me and from them humans are controlled by genies who were once human, now humans suddenly starts sinning and become bad and even go against you and as I have experienced you who is god punishes human wirhout knowing in whose control human is under and genies or religions punishes them by making human life bad and giving headache and burden on head and pain in head and try to burst nerves and make nerves bad. When every human who becomes genues even knows everything in this world happens by winning and losing how can they punish humans without knowing truth and you keep blessing them and give them everything and good life.

I dont understand I doubt that you exist for those only who takes your name and forget those who even prayed for you once in his life.

If you need knowledge come I wilk give you so you can bring improvement in human life.

I have been controlled by muslim and hindu genies who controlled me by fearing me in dreams like I think everybody else do to humans and I have done big sins which includes toilet knowledge, sex with muslim alams and quran pages, pissing on alam and making scratches on muslim and imam ali print where people prays for and even did pissing on quran and gita. What ekse I have done I didnt remember with other religions as I was under control of genies who were once human.

The genies control comes on mind of humans through fear in dream and from them on when human is feared his mind is controlled like what to be done and how to do by genies and when genies control is removed from humans mind and even from human body, human becomes good and think normal.

Humans are not bad and they are never sinners I am witnessing you truth and you tell people in different religions after knowing truth stay with truth so if you knew I never did any sins why did you punish me, dont you feel its evil act. Every single angel knows and confidently says you will never evil act.

I am waiting for justice.

Your lover.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jun 24, 2016
hi, my name is justice

Can u help me make potato man?
Answered Jun 25, 2016

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