I hate my life

I had a girlfriend who stayed with me for nearly two years, in those two years she was the only person I spoke to, only person to look up to and only person I trusted.
She left me and I am left somewhat alone.
I don't really have friends or anyone to talking too, no one to give me company and no one to care for me.
I don't know how to make friends and I don't know what else to do.

I want to kill myself, I hate my life, I hate everything about myself and I feel everyone else feels the same way towards me.
Asked Jun 13, 2016
i was there once to I know how u feel and I can say that there is some one that dose not feel that way you just have to find them. and some times you just have to care for your self. im 25 been to prison and was abused as a kid. get out and talk to people find good places to go and never give up. it will always get better.
pug Jun 15, 2016

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