Which Thesis Statement Do You Like Better - APA?

APA Thesis Statements: Please let me know which one works better out of the 2 listed.

6: a) Most American parents, aware of the reality of teenage sexual activity, favor comprehensive sex ed programs rather than abstinence-only programs for their children.
b) Recent evidence suggests that abstinence-only sex ed programs do not decrease the # of teenage pregnancies; in fact, these programs can actually increase the number of sexually transmitted diseases because they do not incorporate a discussion of safe sex.

7: a) Although many people believe that the # of suicides increase during times of severe economic crises, there is very little evidence to support the theory.
b) Since the rate of suicides among Native American youths is more than twice that of the national average, federal agencies must make suicide prevention in our Native communities a top priority.

8: a) The pressure put on schools and educators for their students to perform well on standardized tests has results in higher scores but has not increased students' long-term ability to achieve.
b) Proponents of the federal No Child Left Behind Act point to its emphasis on teacher accountability, its focus on quality education for all children, and its provision for school choice; but critics charge that NCLB is underfunded, narrowly focuses on three subject areas, and ultimately has lowered overall education standards.
Asked Jun 10, 2016

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