Am I just insecure or Am I right to feel unloved?

Ok so there is this girl when we first met she told me she liked me but before she told me she liked me she told me about the nudes she sent this one guy now keep in mind this guy is a growing sensation in the gaming community he had her picture as his profile pic. we dated for like two weeks broke up I don't remember why but we did now for two full days we didnt talk during that time she sent more nudes to the guy I didnt find out until after the two days was up and we had gotten to the point where we spoke to each other it was the first thing she talked about so it pissed me off I stayed away for a while until I apologized for acting like an ass because we weren't actually dating we keep talking with minimal arguments not to mention her constantly calling me a "friend" to her family . You ..for about another two weeks and then she tells me she had a dream we had sex with all the emojis and what not which led to an argument where she said "I can't show I care.. I'll keep hurting u..
I know u do..
Idk.. We aren't even dating, and I'm already so high maintenance.
I just have such high expectations...
Slowly and slowly, you're discovering that I'm much more shittier than u think..
Every time I get closer to you.. I just push u away, idk "
After the argument it led to ; "Ofc, I say it sometimes just feels kinda weird if I say it back,
Like idk how to explain it, it doesn't feel wrong.. But " by say it she means "i love you"
Then she says youre my love dude
Am I just insecure or what? Because I dont know if she actually loves me or if shes just saying it so I can stay btw this isn't all of the story its trimmed but definitely most of the story I know you guys have lives to live
Asked Jun 09, 2016
Everyone has their insecurities, so this is nothing special. You need to give her a chance to show you how much you mean to her, and show her how much she means to you. And if you don't like her at all, you can be a terrible person and break up with her via text just so you can mess with her.
Answered Feb 27, 2017

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