Will my child lose medicaid if I don't go to child support court?

The state opened case I think or I do a long time ago and the father is not on birth certificate she has been receiving Medicaid for almost the years I don't see why the father has to pay child support in order for her to get the benefits bc that's what they told me on the phone, I just don't want him to start pushing for over night stays bc he paying dint mind him seeing her just over night and I'm sure my
Daughter doesn't want to stay all night at his house what should I do, do I have to go to court???
Asked Jun 07, 2016
Edited Jun 08, 2016
ANY time there is an issue involving your child, you should go to court. By not showing up, even if nothing changes, at least for the moment, it will look very bad on the part of either parent who doesn't show up. I have a friend who was given full custody & the father has ZERO visitation because he lives several hours away now & can't hold a job due to medical reasons & isn't able to afford a car, gas, etc. He didn't show up for court on multiple occasions & eventually the judge said if he can't make arrangements, when he knows the court date WELL in advance, he had no right to have custody or even visitation. Not saying your situation would ever turn out that way but you should never ignore a court order or hearing when it involves your child.
Answered Dec 31, 2017

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