The guy I like does drugs and im okay with it, but my parents won't approve?

I like this guy who is very sweet to me and treats me well. He seems to at least have an interest in me and if he asked me on a date I would go in a heartbeat. He's been very understanding of my problems due to my last relationships. He always wants to know how I'm doing and wants to make sure if I'm okay and stuff like that. The only downfall is that he does heavier drugs. I don't necessarily care, because I've always been open to the fact. He doesn't make me do anything. He let's me make my own decisions about it and if I say I've thought about trying something, most of the time he says don't do it. It does not affect me in any way, but I know my parents would freak out if they found out I was with him. If we were together, I would definitely want to see what it was like to be with him. Just try it out. I'm stressing out about this and I really need help with it /: btw I'm an adult and in college. This is not another high school relationship.
Asked Jun 07, 2016
Edited Jun 07, 2016
They don't have to know about it.
Answered Jul 25, 2016
You're an adult. You can do whatever you want.
Answered Jul 26, 2016

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