Why do men ask for my phone number but not my name?

I want to add that I am a black woman in my late 20's. I am far too shy for booty shorts and cleavage and don't appreciate THAT sort of attention. I'm in no way a stereotype. It's like all men expect me to be easy. They don't even feel the need to have a conversation or anything. Not even a pick up line... I haven't dated in over a year because I am picky about who I will give my time to. As you see I am not being approached by any decent men. I'm certainly not looking for a man but it's odd that these rude men approach me. I have, however, been wondering if I want to get out into the dating world again, but I think not! It's strange that ALL men seem to be this way towards me. Just this weekend a guy asked if he can come over to my apartment, a total stranger, who again didn't ask my name. He was eating in front of me and didn't even offer me food. I'm not ok with being robbed or assaulted, like most women, so I wouldn't allow a stranger in my home. What is this?
Asked May 31, 2016
Edited May 31, 2016

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