Which is cheaper asphalt or concrete driveways?

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Asked May 28, 2016
According to my point of view Asphalt pavement is cheaper if consider all the factors: As
Asphalt Pavement vs Concrete Pavement

1. Asphalt pavement construction leads to a cheaper construction over concrete pavement construction about 30 to 40%. As asphalt provides economy package so we should use asphalt pavement.
2. Speed of construction is also a very important factor today. With asphalt a new pavement is constructed in 3 to 4 days while with concrete it may take a weak or more depending of on size and scope of word.
3. As Asphalt pavement may be used in 2 to 3 days while concrete pavement may take a weak or more.
4. As the asphalt material is flexible than concrete therefore cracking chance in asphalt pavement is very low.
5. Maintenance of asphalt pavement is easy and cheap due to cheaper asphalt material.
6. As the surface of Asphalt is black so it absorber more heat at day and concrete remain cooled so on concrete surface water takes less time to freeze and on Asphalt surface water take more time to freeze.
7. Also Due to dark surface of asphalt pavement melts snow faster as it more heat absorber .
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Answered Jan 02, 2019

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