Why does adobe not recognize Freeform Shape Hyperlinks, it hyperlinks the whole block?

I'm building an interactive pdf from Powerpoint. I have a map where I drew freeform shapes on each of the regions to allow people to click on their region to show specific details. I've then hyperlinked these to the specific slide with the information. When running the powerpoint show it work perfectly; however, when I export to pdf and open the document it's like adobe does not recognize the freeform shape, it hyperlinks to a block on the map and because the regions are connected to each other if you click on e.g. region 1 (which the block of the freeform shape overlaps with region 2) it takes you to region 2's information. I've checked in Powerpoint and the hyperlinks are set to the correct slides.
Any idea on how I can make this work?
Asked May 26, 2016

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