I like my best friend and we're both girls

My name is Tyarra and I'm a lesbian. Well for a month or more now ive been excepting the way I feel towards my friend Brooke. a year or so ago I had the urge to kiss her but of course didn't because I was afraid what would become of it. Her name is Brooke and she is Bi. We’ve been friends for about 7 years now and we’re the type of friends that doesn't fight like at all. sometimes ill get upset …. mainly when she decides to hang out with others besides me. We’ve slept together before at sleepovers and such as well as sharing food and drinks. She lays her head on me, like if I'm sitting down she’ll lay her head on my leg when she lays down. Once we went to the park together just me and her. We did the titanic thing where you stretch you arms out and the other person holds your waist off of the docks. And after a while we started to leave and she asked me if we would be friends forever. Of course I told her yes. and when we were leaving she told it was the best day she had ever had. She has also made comments to me about how friends of hers made ship names between us as well as saying that if we were a couple that it would work out because we were so alike and never fight. I have no idea. I'm confused and a very clueless person when it comes to things like this..
Asked May 25, 2016

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