Where we can find the best Electronic component supplier in UAE?

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Asked May 18, 2016
Hi, you can find or acquire best Electronic component supplier at Dubaiposter, it is a huge platform where you can do multiple things online like buy and sell products, connect with buyers and sellers, compare your product with other's product and can set price according to your choice and many more things.

Answered Jun 14, 2016
The mecoinst instruments consist of a moving piece of ferromagnetic material, Analog Panel Meter is under influence of a current carrying fixed coil. Considering the quadratic nature of the deflecting torque, the scale of these instruments is non-linear. Considering the above mentioned operating process, these instruments are ideally suited for measuring TRMS current and voltage in alternating current circuits. Ammeters are mostly used along with externally mounted current transformers, though ammeter up to 100A for a direct connection is also provided. Voltmeters up to 750V can be provided. Ammeters with the overscale / suppressed scale of 2xIn and 6xIn to withstand high and very high motor starting currents can also be provided. Accuracy for these meters is applicable only within the nominal working range and not in the overscale range.

Answered Jan 08, 2019

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