Landlord or lawyer-please hellp

Myself and 2 other girls moved into this 3 bedroom basement apartment a year ago. I signed a 6 months lease.The girls moved out and its been a year and half since ive been there. One of the girl who moved out got her last month rent money back without giving a notice, since I was in charge of gathering the rent the landlord had told me to give her the money so I was listening to him.I got new roommates and now that ive found a place this year at the end of february I had told the landlord that I will be moving out in April.March I found out I wont be able to move in for another month so I told him I will be staying an extra month. So one of the new roommate(ashley) decided she has to move out (family problems) so there is one girl (karlee) plus me plus an available room- I had found a new girl to replace me for when I move out. When I told the landlord that I will be moving out I also told the knew girl (ashley) that she will be in charge of sending rent and to sign the lease which she did, so my name is no longer on the lease. Finally its the day for me to move out and the girl (Tina) who is taking over my room gave Karlee the money, I grabbed Tina's last month rent (i get my last month rent bck) because she can just use my lastmonth rent the landlord has. Anyways Karlee sent the money but then the landlord is upset because the rent isnt full because were paying for the the whole place not just the bedrooms but we didnt know that when we got in and it never said on the lease. So the room that is available the girls have to pay for that too since they couldnt find someone when rent was due. The landlord right away threatens to evict. So im in the process of moving out so Tina can move in, Im all moved out and then Karlee text me saying shes moving out the landlord is texting her and being rude. TINA the new girl moving in doesnt want to move in because she cant afford living there without roommates and she wants her money back. I told her to call the landlord he will give it to her. She calls me back saying the landlord said that I should be the one to give her the last month rent back. So it texted him and hes asking me questions like when did I give him notice I was leaving, that I need 2 months notice blahblah I dont get to keep the money and hes taking me to court, this guy couldnt even remember when I told him I had found a new roommate to take ovrr my room he was suprised when I said there will be a girl moving in, and I had given him her name and contact everything. And he also said that I owe karlee money because karlee wants her rent money back she sent him. I AM ANGRY.. IS HE ALLOW TO DO THIS? The girl who recieved hEr last month rent without given notice will be by my side when we go in court. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT To do!!!
Asked May 06, 2016

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