Can any ladies give me advice?

What's wrong here ladies?
I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years now. Living together for 2 of that. We even moved across country about a year ago. Everything at home is wonderful when I'm there. I have a really good job "same job I had before we moved" now I have to travel about 7 hours away, two weeks at a time, then I'm home for two weeks. Like I said things are great for my two weeks at home. The time I'm gone " to me" its seems like she starts acting distant kinda. Our phone conversations are really short "2-3min." Like she's to busy or something. She never seems to remember anything anymore. Like things we talk tonight she will ask about tomorrow giving me the opposite feedback. Sounds corney but we've always talked every night right before bed but now.........."I had a glass of wine and forgot or fell asleep or something." not getting in details but I'm 100% sure she's not cheating or anything like that. I just can't figure out why I seem not to get the same girl. Is she mad because of my job? I did moved across country for her career which she changed 3months after we moved. One would think she would atleast miss me. Or is something wrong and she just don't remember things? Is this just a female thing? Why act this way?
Asked May 04, 2016

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