I am doing a paper for human development if you could please help me by answering these questions!

State age and gender thats all1) what do you consider to be a good friend?
2) What is the most important quality you consider to be a good friend?
3) Do your friends meet all the qualities of what you consider to be a good friend?
4) When dating someone, is it just for fun or are you serious and looking for long-life
5) Is it okay to kiss on the first date? Why or why not?
6) What would you do if you're dating someone and he/she is constantly having excuses to not
meet your parents?
7) Do you believe couples become closer or distant when they get married? Why?
8) In your opinion, what defines marriage?
9) Does adultery ruin a marriage and if so would you want to fix it ?And how ? If not, then why?
10) Remarriage after a divorce always adultery?
11) What stresses you out in daily life?
12) When you are stressed how do you cope with it?
13) do you enjoy work? Why or why noy?
14) If you can pick a different job, what would it be and why?
15) Do you want to retire? Why?
16) Can you afford to retire? Why or why not?
17) What should you do to prepare for an illness that requires long-term care?
18) During your freetime, what do you like to do ?
19) Are there any other hobbies you have?
20) What is your current living situation?
21) Are you comfortable with your current living situation?
22) Out of your children, do you have a favorite?
23) do you feel you raised your children how you liked?
24) What do you worry the most and the least ?
Asked May 01, 2016

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