In a relationship but crushing on a coworker, what should I do?

Long story short, I'm a female who also likes girls but I am currently dating my boyfriend of over 1 year. At work theres a girl who has been helping around the office, who I seem to have been developed a crush on. She's so pretty, helpful and understanding. We have some long eye contact. I get nervous when she gets near me. But inside me, I feel like I want to flirt with her and get to know her. She's always checking up on me making sure I don't need help with anything, she gets close to me and she also does this gazing thing at me. I feel bad for having these feelings but having her around really makes me enjoy my job and waking up early lol.
Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, but recently I have been feeling a bit bored, like when ever we go out to eat , he's always on his phone , and I'd be talking and I'd feel like I'm not being payed attention to. I feel like we have fell into a routine, like we've lost our spark. and well I doubt him sometimes because he has talked to girls while still dating me.

And with this girl at work, I feel all jumpy and excited , making sure I look and smell nice for work. I feel interested in her... I really don't know what to do.
Hope someone can give me some good advice. Thanks.
Asked Apr 20, 2016

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