PLEASE HELP.I'm depressed and not sure if I should see a therapist

Throughout my whole life, I've always been the happy, positive one. I've gotten good grades, participated in sports and activities, and have always been the one to give advice to a friend. This whole year, however, has changed. I'm a senior in high school and honestly I don't know what's wrong with me...I've felt depressed many if not most days this year for a number of reasons. I regret so many things for no reason like not continuing basketball, taking certain classes, being friends with this person, and then so many stupid things like not buying shoes at the store. I go from days from feeling good about myself to days of hating myself and wishing I was someone else. I many times have doubts that my friends don't like me, as well as other people. I think of myself as boring and useless and I'm falling behind in classes. I have told my parents my thoughts and a close friend as well as a doctor and she said a therapist might be a good idea. I dont want it to be on my personal record that I've been seeing someone but I don't what to do? Thanks for the help
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Asked Apr 15, 2016
Ok.... All I can say is trust a friend. What's in the past you cannot change. Talk to a friend. Someone who won't tell if you don't want them to. Just make sure you can find that friend. Me if you want....
Try not to let your past effect who you are and will be.
Answered Apr 16, 2016
you are strong and can handle it, but it's good to go see a therapist and get it off ur chest.
Answered Apr 16, 2016

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