Microphone Windshields Blocking Out Unwanted Sounds While Recording

Whether you are an expert in your field or just a newcomer trying to record your music in the best possible way, microphone windshields can help you block out unnecessary sounds delivering a filtered recording.

The purpose of a microphone windshield is to give isolation against wind noise and unwanted vibrations that usually distort the quality of the recording. It allows you to capture professional quality electret condenser microphone sound from high-end recording microphones.

Now You Can Skip Professional Studios

If you are running short of time and must deliver a professional styled recording on a due date, nothing can be better than getting yourself microphone accessories like microphone flags and microphone windshields to enhance your mic's performance as well as its appearance. Now you don't need to visit a professional studio to make a video or audio recording, because you can create high quality end results wherever you are.

Performing Outdoors

Windshields are most effective when you are recording live outdoors since they block out the effect of wind, allowing clean recording. Large windshields work by suspending the Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone from the center, creating plenty of air space around the microphone to give the desired sound. In order to further enhance the visual effect that your live recording must deliver, you can also make use of a custom designed microphone flag that will complement your outdoor performance.

Quality of Windshields

For higher-wind events, better quality windshields are required. Although most condenser microphones come with windshields that are designed to fit over the original device, their quality might not be as per your requirements.

Microphone windshields come in two forms: foam windshields and fur windshields. The foam windshield is capable of filtering out light breezes when filming outdoors. They usually come as an optional accessory when you buy a microphone. On the other hand, fur windshields can be used under extreme wind conditions and are most commonly used with shotgun microphones. They are capable of reducing wind noise by 18db, ensuring that the only sound eliminated is that of the wind and no other.

Serving Dual Purpose

Besides the core purpose of delivering clean sound, windshields also protect the delicate microphone inside the windshield from damages caused by environmental factors like rain, snow and dust.

Together windshields and microphone flags can help deliver the effects you want your audience to see and hear when you broadcast your outdoor recording.

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Asked Apr 15, 2016

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