My dog was attacked by my cat, am I allowed to kill it?

My miniature German Shepard was attacked by my cat. She is not aggressive and only wants to play. I was playing with her by my mothers room where my cat was and immediately started to attack her. My dog did everything to get the cat away from her. I stepped in and began kicking the cat to get it off my dog. The cat began attacking my dog multiple times. Am I allowed to kill my own cat for the abuse on my dog?
Asked Apr 14, 2016
Sadly the law doesn't prevent animal abuse or murder. But you wanna know my opinion? You are a fucking selfish bitch, and your cat doesn't need to be killed, she/he needs new owners. If she can't be around your dog, she doesn't need to be around your dog, that's it. Anyone who would kill their cat as a first option just because of something that can easily be solved should be killed themselves.
Answered Jun 23, 2016

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