What are the techniques or method used in seed biology?

Asked Apr 11, 2016
Seeds are the delivery systems for agricultural biotechnology. high quality seed results in wonderful seed plant performance within the field. it's the ultimative basis of successful companies that breed crop plants for seed production. Seed quality could be a complex trait that's determined by interactions between multiple genetic factors and environmental conditions. modern approches to improve seed quality thus combine classical biology, plant biology and a range of seed technologies. These "seed biotechnologies" enhance physiological quality, vigor and synchronity to establish a crop within the field below diverse environmental conditions.
Seed technologies include priming, pelleting, coating, artificial seeds, and different novel seed treatment strategies of applied seed biology. Our basic and applied seed research comes target embryo growth and on the various seed covering layers , that are determinants of seed quality and exhibit the diversity of seed structures. Seed germination is controlled by environmental factors and on plant hormones as endogenous regulators . the utilization of plant hormones and inhibitors of their biosynthesis and action in seed treatment technologies affects seed germination and seed plant emergence. The genes, enzymes, sign elements and down-stream targets of plant hormones offer molecular marker for seed quality and seed plant performance.
Answered Oct 02, 2019

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