My Mother abuses me emotionally and verbally and I don't know what to do?

I am 13. My parents have been fighting since January and have decided to get split (or, at least, my mother decided that). One day she took all our clothes and took me and my 2 siblings to My grandma and aunt's house. We stayed there for a month, and I didn't see my dad for a 3 weeks.

A week later, my mom got in a fight with my aunt and grandma, so she took our things and dropped us off at our dad's, and she took off. We didn't see her for a week. She came back telling us about how she stayed homeless and in her car for the week. She told me it was all me fault and I'm the reason she and my dad are getting divorced. She tells me im useless and I was a mistake, and she threatens to move me out of school and that she doesnt care if im educated or not. I feel so bad when im around her. I dont want to love with either of them. They both hit me and make me feel so bad emotionally, escpecially my mom!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 11, 2016
i was in a simaler spot when I was younger both answers below r good and you need to tell some one dont keep quite about this.
pug Mar 25, 2017
you need to tell someone or talk to your teacher about it.
Answered Apr 12, 2016
Your mother is a monster! Tell your teachers or counilers about how they treat you! I hate parents who treat their kids like this it makes me sick! Also, report them as well to police or authority's!
Answered Apr 12, 2016
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