My parents won't let me wear a bikini

So I'm 13 and Indian. My mom has a thought that as I get older I should cover up more. I really want a bikini but my mom always argues that no one in family wears them and one wears them. If I do tell her my friends do all she said is not to copy the white people culture. My dad is okay for me wearing one because once when I was in grade4 I almost got a bikini but my mom was no. When my mom said no then my said no. When I try talking to her to let me wear one she just asked why would you want to show your tummy. Please give me good tips and arguing pints. 😀😅👙
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Anonymous User
Asked Apr 07, 2016
I argued a lot with my mum before cuz she didn't let me wear one (I'm from Iraq) My mum says that its a shame and that I should be ashamed of wearing one. Now I'm 14 and Im just tired or arguing with her. She tells me no to wear one because my friends do and because the white culture do, bit what the fuck dude?!?! I don't wanna stick out and be the only one not wearing a bikini when all my friends are showing off with their tanned and pretty bodies....
Answered Dec 30, 2016

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