What is wrong with my fancy leopard gecko?

He is one years old, has a arm that is twisted backwards which makes him limp (don't know how he got it) he's been shedding in patches for weeks now and has some stuck on his feet, he's fed crickets (although he barley gets them, he's a bad hunter) he's from pet smart. What do you think is wrong with him? If anyone knows or has an idea of weather it's dehydration, he's too hot, or something else please let me know, THANK YOU!
Asked Apr 06, 2016
First of all petsmart is BAD!!!!!!!!! Never get there petz. Trust me I have had many pet deaths­čś¬ Your geckos leg is prolly broken and obviously twisted, this is interfering with growth and the ability to hunt. You will have to hand feed insects (dusted with calcium and gut loaded!)look it up on you tube- force feeding leopard gecko! Give your gecko a warm bath, about an inch deep of lukewarm water, and let it soak for 15 minutes, this will loosen shed. Shed on the feet will cut off blood eventually killing the feet and the reptile. Make sure your gecko has heat day and night. Use 50 watt heat lamps and a 15 watt heat pad. Make sure the moist hide is humid to aid in shed! Force feed your gecko atleast twenty insects a day to keep him full.
Hope this helps!;)
Answered Apr 12, 2016
Edited Apr 12, 2016

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