Can someone please explain to me TRUTHFULLY cause Im so afraid of *whispers* "sex" :(

I really really love my boyfriend and I knew he's the only one Im gonna spend the rest of my life with. We're together now for years, and everytime we cuddle and he gets aroused that he wants to have sex, I am so afraid. Im not afraid to have sex with him, but I am afraid of hurt physically. You know I get easily afraid even of injection! Im so weak. Thanks to him because I have his respect, so even if he's not satisfied he respects my decision and still stay with me. I dont want to come to the point where everything is okay and it is the right time to do that and still the feeling scares me because of course, I want to have a lot of kids in the future :((

Please explain to me whats the real feeling of sex (for me as a girl virgin) for the first time. Does it really hurts so much? Ive tried to watch hentai and the girls scream so loud it scares me :((
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Asked Mar 26, 2016
Maybe try masturbating before you have sex to get the feeling of it and maybe try doing that for a while then when you think your ready, go for it :) I think sex feels great
Answered Mar 27, 2016
Don't listen to those myths that say you're gonna bleed and be in pain, none of that is true. Long as you have sex right for the first time it really shouldn't hurt at all. The most important things are that you're aroused and relaxed enough to be wet enough for penetration and that he does everything slow at first, you don't really have anything to worry about. Either way, sex has no part of love. People say it's 50% of the relationship, but I've been in asexual relationships before, and I would know. When you really love someone sex doesn't matter at all, so remember to never let anyone pressure you into it or make you feel like you have to in order to "show your love" to them.

Also, about what sex feels like, like I said it won't hurt, but along with that, it should feel really good. It's not the same for everyone, but once you start doing it you will probably like it.
Answered Jul 24, 2016

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