Letter to god,everyone I loved in my life was fake I loved them because they were beautiful or rich

Dear God,

Everyone I loved in my life was fake I loved them because they were either rich or beautiful if you or moses or jesus would have come in front of me by saying you are god and was poor with bad clothes I would have rejected you by saying you are bad people go away from my house, this is the truth of me because I lived in this atmosphere I never know what is true love, every time I loved you god or moses or jesus or somebody else it was because of beautyness or richness. I am just a fraud lover of you, I wanted to become rich and live a happy life that is why I prayed and pray to you.

I just want to punish myself because if I see someone poor on need in help I will run away from them because I am like a kid from mind but 34 years old.

I dont know if you will give me something after telling you truth or you already know truth that I am a fraud guy.

I am ready to be punished by true lovers. I dont know when I will have happy life, I already have 34 years of unhappy life by lying and living in good and bad atmosphere.

I am sure there must be someone who loves me atleast truly and I want to pray that please make me rich by giving me money I want to enjoy this world and live a beautiful life and help poor and make this world a beautiful with many things I think of.

Please give me a chance lovers who loves me truly.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Mar 26, 2016

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