What is Node.js web application design and development?

I just want to know some information about Node.js web application design and development course and also career opportunities for that course in saudi arabia and through out the world
Asked Mar 23, 2016
Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications. Also, it is an open source and a cross-platform runtime environment that offers an event-driven architecture.frameworks like Express.js and Hapi.js are gaining prominence for designing better websites and mobile applications. Hence, it has become important to embrace the latest innovations that are being brought into the tech world by these Node.js frameworks.
Today Node.js for web application development Used because - It’s Fast and scalable network applications can be built as the JavaScript execution is fast. It is all fine to share packages of library code.Data synchronisation between client and server.Node.js is ideal for real-time applications
Answered Mar 29, 2017
ode.js is server side run time for JAVASCRIPT,using its modules not web application any application kind of application can be developed .it doesnt need to be deployed in any server ,can run stand alone

The main strength of Node.js is it single threaded ,so light WEIGHT and handles requests in an asynchronous manner, which gives better performance and easier scalability.

Refer to Node.js Introduction for more details on features

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Answered Mar 29, 2017
Node. js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment that allows developers to create all kinds of server-side tools and applications in JavaScript.
Answered Jan 11, 2022

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