[pineapples] how to smoke weed and not get caught with parents around and whatnot

Okay so this weekend i'm going camping with my parents and friend and we wanna do weed for the first time because this moment would mean a lot to us and we wanna make the most of it so we're gonna get weed and shit blah blah.. But how do we not get caught? Our plan is to leave our tent at like 12 am or whenever everyone is asleep and go out into the bush and smoke it. How do we mask the smell and whatnot? Also this is our first time smoking it (my friend did it once recently), so tips on what to do please.

Is our plan good or have you got any alternatives to it? Also we're camping on a camp site with other people there too so would they care and whatnot and how to not be noticed?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Mar 20, 2016

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