Letter to god and moses and torah family

Dear God, Moses and Torah Family,

I prayed for you but I might have loved you by using knowledge or using genies because when ever I was trying to meditate I was seeing illusions and visions and I was moving them and now later I came to know it was mind threads. But now I want to let you know that I might have loved you using genies or mind threads forced me to love you, you have to find out truth as the torah is book of truth.

I just want to tell you that whenever I meditate and tried to love torah or god or moses I was getting illusions and visions and I didnt know it was genies like I came to know later on. But during this time I think I really fallen in love with you all or maybe it was genie who win and gave me love to love you.

I even flew while chains where hanged on my legs after I loved god while it was morning and I was awake but my eyes were closed which proves me that I love god truly and I fly in my dreams a lot but I dont know if my love is one sided that is given to me by genies or spirits or got by winning and I wanted to tell you everything truly. I am human and any genies can control me by saying you must love me now or you are enemy of someone by coming in mind as threads.

But as I noticed I loved torah I was getting genies of blood as I remembered which loves torah very much so how can my love be fake and god knows very well if I am true or not and my love is true or not.

I am waiting to know if my love is true and if my love is true why I cannot meet my love or why my love is not meeting me and telling me they are my love like they must tell to human.

Your Believer.
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Anonymous User
Asked Mar 01, 2016

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