Letter to god, Do you exist God or does Moses exist or does Jesus exist? I want to know truth

Dear God, Moses and Jesus Christ,

Do you exist or just a word of mouth.

When Muslims comes and rape my genie and spirit you didn't do anything instead you Jesus Christ gave my property to muslims by saying I sinned as muslims comes and put mind threads in my mind to control me and do sin by doing sex with there Quran pages and symbols to prove I am sinner to you and you get fooled.

Muslims says if I don't become Muslim there Allah doesn't exist, so what shall I do if Allah doesn't exist if I don't become Muslim.

I am Christian and I want to know if you exist or not or you just lose from those who loves God.

Just now hyder abedi has raped someone in spiritual world and if I don't think or they don't think God will not do anything or is it Indian government who do this with woman spirits or genies.

If you cannot give understanding and knowledge and consciousness to my genies and spirits then tell you don't love God and lied with God to live.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 28, 2016

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