Letter to god my mother is dead and has become genie because of muslims

Dear God,

my mother is dead and become genie now as what I think and muslims has made her my enemy and whatever I like or love she breaks it quickly because she is staying in my body and controlling my mind through mind threads too like his brother controls me by putting fear in my mind since childhood to sin and my mother is still alive as she comes and goes in reality.

i cannot tell her that I am fugitive through thinking because his brother wont let me think and balancing good and bad like his imams to control me and prove me as bad and kill me.

my mother brother forced me do masterbation for 7 and half years daily 2 times and left me for nothing I could not do anything but asked god for help but his mind threads in my mind doesnt let me think since childhood.

i am sinless since child and I need protection please help me god, nobody must come in my head or mind.

i am waiting for your reply.

Your Believer.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 26, 2016

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