Letter to god, how muslims are putting mind threads (mind genies) and playing songs to win from me

Dear god,

i dont believe in allah and I dont like allah I dont want to see name of allah or any of his believers around me.

i am not muslim so I dont want muslims anything with me.

i am writing to let you know how muslims are putting mind threads (mind genies) on me and plays songs in my stomach and mind when I starts thinking so they can control my mind and make problems in my nerves and control through nerves.

i need your help whenever I am believing muslims are not letting me believe in you and says did god died ? I dont know what to do I visit church regularly and I want to save from evil spirits who are muslims who calls themself of peace everywhere and indian government supports them by saying they are of peace.

i need your help badly god whenever I starts thinking muslims even says to make noices and shouting in my body so I feel nervous and stop thinking so they can control me by putting mind threads then they force me do sins and fool public by remembering and play games and until I tell public from mind, public doesnt listens because they believe in seeing what a person has done they dont see who forced humans to do sins by putting mind threads and they call themself never done sins or mistakes.

shah hussain is my worst enemy who is controlling me badly by putting his mind threads in my head and whenever he loses he ask me to write what makes your genies and spirits angry to me.

i am waiting for your help, this is not my first letter as I dont know how to reach you because muslims are not letting me think by putting there mind threads and controlling me to do sins.

Your believer.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 26, 2016

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