Letter to god I am not genie or dead guy I am still alive please read me please one time

Dear God,

Since I told you about mind genies on 2 sides of head one on left side and one on right side which means mann ke taar in hindi language, as it is put in my mind on left side and right side of head to prove other people in my country in spiritual world that I am genie or spirit to fool others who are genies and spirits who ask questions to my soul like.

Are you genie : And I just touch my top of front neck which is bottom at the lips shown from mind 2 genies which are on left and right side which also means small genies in my head on left and right side.

Those mind 2 genies which are on left and right side of mind comes from back and front of my head and from above my eyebrows and back of head which forces me to sin whenever muslims or hindus feel their religion is in danger or their god will die to prove other religions I am sinner because they believe public as god by saying if any single genie becomes against anyone they a person becomes liar and later they show videos after forcing me to do sins to public which is their god.

I need your help god, I am too much tired of this life. You are not helping me and not finishing my enemies, because my enemies born kids as they know how to sin and get blessed from you and still be king and you blessed them and my enemies didnt let me marry until now so I can be blessed with kids by you.

From how many years this is happening to me, you dont even know or you know, later you punish me and your angels punish me by saying I have sinned which I have not done as those 2 genies in my head does the sins and those who believes in you accept my wishes by saying I am sinless and doesnt let me enter into spiritual world, if my enemies accepts my wishes I want them to be finished immediately with there entire generations forever from where there generations started, I promise I am saying this truly.

I dont want any of my enemies in my mind or body I want to live a beautiful life and enjoy every moment.

i am not genie or dead guy I am still alive and I dont have control over my mind and I am easily controllable by anyone who puts there 2 genies in mind which is on left and right side, as I remembered I got the 2 genies in my mind when I was small kid and from that someone is controlling me badly who are muslims and hindus.

Whenever I am trying to think those 2 genies in mind which is on left and right side of head suck my mind 2 genies and changes with there genies which I got when I was small kid and they force me do sins, right now also they want me to see adult movies as someone in my stomach I feel sucked private part of woman and later man is feeling bad now and I cannot do anything because I dont know how to control genies or spirits.

I am waiting for your help god and all believers who are genies and spirits in the world please help me as a humanity atleast by coming in spiritual world who knows how to enter into spiritual world.

Someone please read this from your mind and think so god can hear my prayers through my letter as I unable to think, god will never know truth if I dont think or tell from mind that I need help from god.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 26, 2016

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