God these are my enemies since childhood I want you to finish them, help me god.

Dear god,

Agha hussain keeps sending 2 genies one on left and one on right of mind since childhood so I fear and her wife nazia sends genies in mind to become servant of his husband.

Agha hussain forced me do masterbation since childhood for 7 and half years daily 2 times and he is genie spirit and peole calls him king. He is shia and lives in hydeabad, india and he is contrlling my family by controlling my mother.

Sarwar jiwani sends 2 genies in mind so see visions and dont think and die so her daughter is saved, I am not his daughter enemy she is too genie spirit.

People believe in you and they become humans enemies and sin and clear there sins and become kings.

Agha hussain and sarwar jiwani has made source on back of my mind from where these genies in mind comes like wiring.

Habib ali has made wires so I dont die in back middle of head.

Agha hussain genies and sarwar jiwani and nazia genies theft my mind and give me fear and make even noices and give me fear so I lose from them.

I prayed for you I want my enemies to be finished I will pray for you more but I want those to be finished who made my life miserable since childhood and put me in fear since childhood to win from me who is agha hussain also called shah hussain and hussain.

I need your help god in my bad times please dont leave me alone.

Genies knows how to win from you by first making sins and then playing remember game and fool others and make words against you through language and understanding in thoughts.

Saleha and turkiya is also my enemy and I dont know why, agha hussain and nazia played games with me and everybody else who are muslims and hindus who comes in my mind played games with me.

I am waiti g for your help.

Your believer.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 26, 2016

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