I am sinner and I blame and case on governments of world

i am sinner and I blame governments of world and case on world governments of any single country those who has awaken dead by believing in me and not letting me see spiritual world and making me poor and not letting me even have clothes and food to eat.

i love god that doesnt mean you can awake dead people and force me do sins and force me to love god so you make property and become rich and keep me poor by forcing me to love god and pray for god.

i am putting a case on muslims and hindus and all other religion but not christians or jews.

when I am sinner you cannot come in the world by proving the world that I truth if I am sinner that means I am liar and dead awaken cannot come in the world without my permission and asking from me in reality.

i want justice from all those who says there is truth and god likes truth.

i want all my property back which muslims and hindus has taken and used and I want them to give death penatly forever and never wake up as witnessing god that I am sinner and I was like a player for hinduism and muslim religion.

if justice doesnt happens I curse all hindusim and muslim religion to finish forever anywhere they exist with there creations and generations immediately. This is a curse from a sinner who is human.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 25, 2016

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