I love you jesus christ, can you help me a sinner?

Dear jesus christ,

it doesnt matter if I write this letter from mind or from thought.

i love you jesus christ and I am sinner because I love you in return I want you to tell the truth to world wide genies and spirits and humans and everybody using your language of understanding through thought and dream or thinking so your people can know me better and find out truth whether bible is truth or my life is truth as researched on your believe.

i challenge your entire generations to tell the truth to world wide humans,genies and angels and spirits and whatever exist to know what is truth and about my life, how I lived and how I laughed and how many times I shit and how many times I ate food and how many times I love god and what happened with me like who believed in me and why and why I saw porn movies because someone watched porn movies in my stomach before I watched and did I prayed asking god for help before doing porn and if god didnt comes why he didnt come or helped.

I am challenging your entire generations of genies and spirits and everything that exist find out through dreams or from the genies or spirits who is with me since I am born as you claim you love god truly lets see who love god truly and if your bible is truth or not and if jehova witnesses are truth or not.

I am waiting to know what you will do now if you exist or just a dream.

If you dont do anything then your entire generations are liar and you loved god fakely and I witness that to god who is unseen and never met with humans.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 25, 2016

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