How can I obtain the title for this car (description detailed)?

I met and fell love with a man who ended up very ill and died from cancer. I was his caretaker and before he died, he expressed a desire for me to keep his car. It was a safe place for us both to go when we needed to talk or just wanted some space away from the house...we'd sit in it at night and look at the stars and talk for hours. After he died, I moved the car (a Jeep Grand Cherokee) to a friend's open lot where they have a few of their own cars.

What I want to know is how I can obtain the title for the car? His title was never found after he passed away, so I don't use it, but I would like to. It is a good vehicle and it is very precious to me.

I know that I can apply for a lost or stolen title, but does this process change because the original owner is deceased? I have a copy of his death certificate, which I believe I will need, but aside from that, I have nothing.
Asked Feb 23, 2016

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