I need help coming out as gay

I am very full on gay and in high school. I have a passion to come out but I am afraid of bullying etc. Can anyone help me? And when should I do it thanks
Asked Feb 23, 2016
If I was in your shoes (I'm gay, and out already), I wouldn't worry about making a big production or something. Just let it slip. Wear something suggestive to school, and if someone asks if your gay, give them a sideways glance, and say "Huh? oh, yeah." And return to business. Or, while conversing with someone, say about celebrity crushes, just say like "Oh, yeah. So-and-so is really cute."

As for bullying, just be comfortable in your own skin. If any bullying starts, just act as if it doesn't bother you. Most bullies need encouragement (i.e., the reaction they want) to keep going. If you keep your head up, they'll give up. (Example: Calling you names. Keep walking. If they get in front of you, and say directly that they were talking to you, smile and say, "Oh, sorry. What is it?" If they continue calling your names, smile and nod, maybe thank them. This will throw them off big time.) And if it gets serious, let a teacher know. They can handle it. Don't let it get physical at any cost. Name calling is easy enough to let fizzle out. Bullies are easily detered if bored.

Source: My experience.
Answered Dec 21, 2016

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