What is god a beautiful dream, for humans by messianic

What is God (short description) : God is a beautiful dream which is unseen and seen and heard only when you believe in dream of god to be true while thinking positive only, and he and his angels/genies comes and talks to humans who are us humans, in thoughts which ahmed call it as less thinking, and in dreams as dreams are fake and true its only dreams for humans, as dreams are never seen or heard, because humans dreams which they never say it is true and sometimes says fake, because thoughts and dreams are not seen, neither they are heard, and human never knows with whom they are interacting or responding in thoughts or dreams, as they think good and think bad and humans are taught to respect rich people in the world who says they belong to royal family, and if humans comes to know god has come in there thoughts and dreams from whom everything a human gets, humans will respect god more then anyone in the world, but humans dont hear or see anything in thoughts or dreams with whom they are interacting as they just dream, and they never believe thoughts or dreams to be true, and when humans believes to what they hear from others about god, it becomes a beautiful dream for them like listening to a story from others, without seeing or hearing god, as stories can be true or fake which forces humans to dream on there own, and forget about the story which is dream after few time because it is never seen or heard and just a story told by someone.
Note : A story heard or listened from others is only a dream listened and imagined by humans, where humans imagines the story in thoughts and dreams which is never seen and self imagine, as humans does not know dreams can be true if they believe in those dreams to be true just like you believe in beautiful dream god to be true and you get to know truth and your life becomes happy and wonderful, believerism religion is for humans.

Asked Feb 23, 2016

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