The only religion of god of universe which tells truth to its believers

Believerism is the only religion of god of universe which tells truth to its believers.

To know what is truth between a believer and god visit

The more you follow truth the more you win and get victory in your life.

True Messiah.
Asked Feb 16, 2016
Over the years I have attended religious services of different religious organizations. When I finally began to study the bible with Jehovah's Witnesses, I learned what the bible really teaches. I learned what happens to all people when they die, ( Eccleciates 9 vs 5 ). The bible does not support a hellfire. I learned why the world is in the condition it is today, ( 1 John 5 vs 19 ). I learned that the only soluton to the problems that man have been trying to solve for many many years is Gods Kingdom. This is the Kingdom we pray for in the Our Father or Lord's Prayer, although many do not know what that Kingdom is. I learned that by means of that Kingdom with Jesus as King, there will be an end to all wickedness, wicked people will be no more, ( Psalms 37 vs 10 ). I learned that mourning, pain, sickness and death will be no more, ( Revelation 21 vs 3-5). I learned that after Gods war of Armageddon the earth will be transformed into a paradise, and we will welcome back our love ones who have died, ( Acts 24 vs 15, John 5 vs 29). Would you like to learn all these marvelous truths for yourself ? Please visit jw. org. where you can also request a free bible study at a day and time conveint for you
Answered Jul 10, 2016

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