I confess truth finally to you god

Dear God,

The sins which are done by me are forcely done by hussain and mohd abul qasim and his mother biquis begum who forces me to go to toilet and eat food whenever she gets warning from genie world as bilquis begum son mohd abul qasim has to die before 10 years and her mother changed fate of mine so the nature changes and his son is saved.

Hussain http://i68.tinypic.com/2q082s6.jpg

mohd abul qasim http://i68.tinypic.com/aag21y.jpg

Now whenever I win by praying to you suddenly bilquis begum comes and forces me to eat and go to toilet by using genies of mine and hussain sends spirits inside my body to fool others by replying to them.

You gave me everything but I didnt get anything until now. I even went to synagogue and church where everyone takes name of you but nothing happened and daily I am being punished.

Muslims filed a case against me in police station for making me lay on roads without clothes in genie world and bring in reality which you stopped it.

Whenever I pray and keep my mind clean suddenly bilquis begum comes in my stomach and forces me to do a new sin by controlling my mind by putting genies in mind on 2 sides from which her genies can remember of dreams to public and punish me.

This is happening since I am a child.

I asked today your lovers for help and they are with me now.

I need help from worlds of your lovers from all planets you gave me.

The one whom you met in universe and who everyone says to kill without knowing truth.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 13, 2016

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