Am I over reacting?

Me and my wife have been married going on 11 years. And recently we let a family in our home to help them out when they had no place to live. The father and mother we knew. After a week of them being here they got a call from their son saying he had no place to live. Now their son is mine and my wife's age. Now I trusted my wife and last night she wanted to stay up and drink with all of them I said that's fine and I went to bed around 10. Well 1 in morning rolls around and she still ain't in bed ( mind we get up at 5:30 to get kids ready for school) . So I go to living room to see what she is doing and I find its only her and him and the father still up. Now that wouldn't bother me. But out of our entire living room and places to sit she is sitting right next to him. And was leaning on him. When he notice me he sat up and started rubing his eyes as if he was waking up. and told her he's going to smoke. She then stretches and says OK in almost this little girl voice. at this moment she still hadnt notice I was in their because she had her back to me. So I exploded and asks what's going on. She keeps telling me it was nothing. That she had just leaned in to ask him why he cut him self? And that she wanted to know cus she once use to do that so she felt connected to him. So of course I have anger and hurt but am I really over acting or does it all seem fishy?

Note in the begingn of our marriage she caught me talking to other girls online but o never want any. But she keeps bringing that up to, how she forgave me for that. So again if she's using that for comparison should I be concerned?
Asked Feb 11, 2016
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Answered Mar 21, 2018

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