What is Static and Dynamic website?

Asked Feb 11, 2016
Static site is built using html, css etc and their url look like abc.com/hosting.html or abc.com/hosting.htm or even abc.com/hosting.asp abc.com/hosting.php

Dynamic is built using asp or php but with lots of functionality. Their url looks like abc.com/id=3456 session=7675 user=?aaa

Static url is seo friendly as compared to dynamic url.

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Answered Nov 25, 2016
Statics websites includes static content, these are not changeable time to time. Html websites are static.
For dynamic website, contents change frequently. It is mainly database driven results. PHP, jsp, Asp websites are in most cases dynamic.
Answered May 23, 2017
Static website is developed in HTML & CSS language. They are cost-efficient and are the perfect choice for small businesses.

a dynamic website is developed using advanced server technologies like PHP, JavaScript or ASP to build more dynamic web pages.

Answered Jun 28, 2021

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