Do guinea pigs attract mice?

A few weeks ago we started hearing scratching sounds in the walls and ceiling. We figured it was mice(we had them about 5 years prior). Does the fact that we have Guinea pigs attract the mice? Their cage, food and hay are all kept inside and so far, we haven't noticed any signs of mice actually inside the house, just in the walls. I do however shake the Guinea pigs blankets outside and was wondering if the pieces of food, hay or Guinea pig droppings is attracting the mice. Thanks!

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Asked Feb 10, 2016
did you know Guinea Pigs are a delicacy in Peru ..... there they are called cuy.
Maybe because they are both part of the rodent family
Answered Feb 10, 2016
Guinea pig are not rodents they are actually cavies! Guinea pigs uneaten food can attract mice, that's why keeping indoor and outdoor enclosures clean is a must! Instead of shakin out blankets in the yard shake them into a trash bin as not to provide food for the mice. Mice carry disease and can do considerable damage to insulation, wiring, etc. I reccomend calling an exterminator to get the mice out of your home!
Answered Feb 21, 2016

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