The game played by muslims and hindus in spiritual world which in real world

my thinking was thefted and I was like a robot where I could not even think or feel my body or recognize myself in the mirror and whenever I was believing in god I use to hear songs played from my body and I use to think voice coming from spiritual world it means its by god and he is hearing me songs to prove that he exist. From last 12 years songs played whenever I use to believe and thinking was thefted to make islam and hindu religion rich and there spirits rich.

I am still poor and I am being used as machine to give thinking to make religions rich and forced to do sins so my sins are washed until my thinking is thefted and then when my sins are washed my thinking is thefted again and I am controlled by islam and hinduism religion to do sins again so they keep thefting my thinking to wash there people sins and make there people rich.

If I dont tell god what is happening with me, god never knows and his sons never knows because they believe in them who lives in spiritual world to be true and never believe in humans.

I need your help god.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016

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