Am I sinner? I cannot see spiritual world and my thinking is used to wash sins of religion people

Dear God,

I want to know am I sinner ? who cannot see spiritual world or need to take permission from indian government which says I can enter into spiritual world after there hindu mata says. If I am sinner why my thinking is thefted by islam and hinduism religion and used to wash sins of there people in there religion and give there people food to eat and shelter to live and respect and everything they want and I dont have clothes to wear, only 2 pairs of jeans and dont have money. How a person have money god can you tell me ? through thinking ? and my thinking is thefted and used to wash sins by religions.

I didnt even entered spiritual world until now and I hear voices which says "allah has entered many people into spiritual world by thefting your thinking" and same hindu mata did and how many other religions did.

If I am lying I die right now and never wake up.

If I am true then I want everyone to die immediately who made my life bad and after even you met me made my life bad and tried to make me porn star in spiritual world.

If I wanted sex I would have done marriage or I will have sex after seeing a woman I dont know name or any woman or never seen them and I dont know there height or I dont know how they looks like and they are coming and doing sex with me spiritually. Ok I give permission to only christians and jews to come and do sex with me those who are girls but I dont want muslims or hindus to enter into my life because they theft thinking from me and build there homes and temples and forces me to do sins then prove and win that I sinned.

I want to know if you exist or not and if you exist then as you promised while meeting me in universe by saying whatever I have given you will never be taken by anyone and my wife which you have given will be only mine and will stay with me and never seen to anyone who is bad.

I am waiting for your reply god, because you bless people so bless me and tell those sons of god or daughters of god to know who is sinner and who is not sinner and ask daughters or god to marry me in reality but not spiritually as I need sex physically as I am human from where thefting thefts and everyone becomes millionair so why not daughters of god who claim can become millionair too.

I am waiting for reply from you god. My height is 5'6 and I have become little fat and muslims are putting black ribbon wires on my face so my face becomes black so every people think I sinned and they keep thefting thinking from me after I pray to you and thinking given to me by you.

Your First Love and Last Love who cannot think so you need to find me, I stay in hyderabad, india.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016

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