I confess the truth through my thinking big religions like islam/hindu people sins are washed

Dear God Lovers and God,

While I listen to bible, muslims spirits are doing sex with me and forcing me to convert to muslim by putting some kind of genies inside my private parts. I am already

converted to christianity since I am a teenager and I dont have any certificate claiming I was muslim. Muslims are thefting my thinking since I am kid and saudi arabia

genies are thefting my thinking since last 6 years since god has met me in dream. Muslim spirits are playing games by asking you belong to which religion in front of

other spirits and other muslim spirits are coming inside my body and shouting by saying I am muslim and the muslim who asked says you heard that he is muslim and forcing

me to convert to muslim religion.

Muslims are thefting my thinking and I am becoming like a robot and when I ask jesus or moses or god for help, muslims are doing sex with me by coming inside my body and

i dont know who they are as I just feel someone is doing adultry with me whenever I pray to god so that I dont believe in god. My thinking is thefted and I am being like

a robot then they are controlling me badly by forcing me to do sin so they prove to the world I am sinner and fool everyone like they have fooled everyone by saying I

sinned by showing prove which are lie as they says after making me robot after thefting my thinking we have to save islam and you are our heif. I can only understand but

dont think.

Whenever I try to keep quiet and dont eat food and win from muslims they come and force me eat food and force me go to bathroom, muslim genies are with me right now also

turkiya, shabbir and others who are sponsoring each others and killing me and says we have to kill god as last prophet is mohammed and islam is the religion who will

rule on the world but not other religion as there is one god which means that is allah but not any other god and we fool everybody by saying there is only one god of all

religions which have different translations.

After thefting thinking from me I was like a robot could not feel, could not think and they forced me do sins like pissing,shit,sex with quran bool and pissing on quran

and pissing on shia imams pictures so that the spirits records videos and show it to everyone in the world and remember and play games and other spirits says by looking

at me he sinned by remembering of dreams. I have been punished for no reason from so many years and my thinking has been used on big religions where from my thinking

people sins are being washed and getting food and shelter to live and I am called a sinner, After my thinking is thefted they are putting my thinking on islam religion

and I dont know on how many religions they put my thinking so there people become rich and get homes and do marriages and force me do sins so they keep thefting thinking

from me. They even forced me write there holy book quran with my blood to keep thefting thinking from me and until now I have not seen a single spirit or visited spirit

world and india is a secular country I told many times to muslims who converts people to muslims that there spirits are controlling me by thefting thinking from me but

they said to tell it to god. If muslims cannot control there spirits then why they are forcing me to sin and fool people in the world I know this because I keep hearing

voices of them and muslim and world genies are junglee as spirits knows if they remember of dreams genies will make a person mad or bad life after seeing dreams that

what a person has done which is forcely done by spirits. Muslims theft thinking from me and give there religion to eat food and shelter to live and run there religion

and then they force me do sins so they prove the world I am sinner so they can theft more thinking from me by forcing me to pray more. Hindu religion did the same and I

never entered into spirit world until now. Muslims are not letting me think so the world angels knows what is truth and erasing my memories that you met me in universe.

Angels are waiting for me to be truth when I think but I am unable to think because muslims are thefting thinking from me from mind and I am able to understand but

cannot think or see or feel my body parts.

What are you doing god please help me.

Please help me god.
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 10, 2016

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